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My name is Day, I work with small businesses on a variety of projects, including brand identity/naming, social media management, website development and more. 


As an intuitive creator inspired by the beauty of Nature and its ability to regenerate and thrive, as well as ignite clarity and authenticity, my work is completely raw. You will not see mock ups or over elaborated displays of my projects online. My main goal is to create something unique for each client by planting the seed that best describes who each one of them are.


When we plant a seed, we must have undeniable faith that it will grow into the most beautiful and strong plant. Every brand and/or business logo I help create will have a unique growth story to tell. If we trust the seeds we have been planting and put our energy towards its development, we already know the outcome.


I believe that creating brands or redefining existing ones by describing exactly who they're representing, on a soul level, is the catalyst to attract the clients that are aligned with their truest intentions and selves. I do not create by the rule's book, my visions for all my projects are downloaded from Source straight to the heartdrive.

Your business needs to be found/seen before it is needed. I am looking forward to work with you and to help you start up and stand out, in a meaningful way. 


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one meaningful SEED at a time

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